Introducing Lorene

Joshua Wilke |

When you call Sky High Tree Removal’s office, the first of our wonderful team you will meet is Lorene. Lorene is the Operations Officer for our team. She is responsible for answering the phone, scheduling, invoicing, reporting, contractor requests, execution and tracking of business goal achievements as planned, process adherence, documentation and creation. Though she has been working at Sky High Tree Removal for only 6 months, she has known Joshua and the team for many years.

She is such a valued asset to our team because of her operations management experience, communication skills, and dedication to excellence. As we grow and develop new processes, Lorene communicates with all parties involved to aid and coordinate at various levels. From start to finish, clients know that Sky High Tree Removal is striving to interact with people to improve their lives.

When she’s not at work learning how to use a Mac Book Pro operating system (after 25 years with Windows, it’s been a joyous challenge), Lorene enjoys spending her time volunteering, meeting new people, skateboarding, hiking, outdoor sports and spending time with family. With so many different talents, she continues to bring, energy, vision and productivity to her role.

Lorene understands the value of relationship building with clients as well as within the crew. Team meetings are among Lorene’s favorite happenings at work. This is a time for the crew to get together to go over safety and to touch base on upcoming procedures for review, development and implementation. Spending time together and sharing what’s going on helps keep the atmosphere fun and focused. With such a supportive employer, the Sky High Tree Removal team is able to grow and learn from one another much like a family.

Lorene knows that clients value our dedication to the quality of service that is received. She takes “service with a smile” to new heights. To maintain the ease of process for each and every client she makes it a tip-top priority to provide custom detailed communication. This is one of Lorene’s favorite things about being a member of this highly-motivated and productive team, we are out to make each and every customer experience the best it can be.

To get to know Lorene and the rest of the team better, consider hiring Sky High Tree Removal for your tree care and project needs. Give us a call at 253-797-3621 to schedule and estimate for service today!