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Raking Season

Are you tired of raking up piles of leaves in your yard every year? We know you have better things to do with your time than spending hours upon hours raking every Fall. So, we understand if you’re ready for the trouble making trees in your yard to come down. Thankfully, we specialize in taking

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Introducing Stacy

When it comes to your home and your business, you want nothing but the highest quality of people. At Sky High Tree Removal, the list of quality people is unending. Stacy, our project administrator, oversees and performs the administrative office support for our team. Corresponding with customers and contractors, she’s responsible for answering the phone,

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Asthma Friendly Firewood?

Asthma Friendly Firewood? With fall in full swing, my personal favorite thing about this season is the fireplace. I love to have the whole family gathered around the brick, wood burning, heat source, cuddled up with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Nothing on earth beats that feeling. Realistically though, there is one safe way to burn

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Introducing Caleb Kiburn

Caleb is a valued member of our Sky High Tree Removal team. Introduced to Joshua through a friend of a friend, Caleb has sharpened his talents over the course of the last five years. Caleb has worked as a climber and heavy rigging and equipment operator. When it comes to climbing and cutting trees, Caleb

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What Complications Arise from Cottonwood Trees?

Spring has come and gone, and so has the invasion of those pesky little white seeds that float around your neighborhood. As you may or may not know, those seeds come from a tree called the cottonwood. And, sad to say, you can’t blame their annoyingness on being an invasive species because they are native

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Introducing Jared

The things that steer your career path are not often what you might expect.

Our very own, Jared Swears, saw a sign on the side of a Sky High Tree Removal truck parked at a neighbor’s house while a job was underway. Jared knew, Joshua Wilke, the business owner and the good reputation of the business in the community. He jotted down the phone number from the truck’s signage and when he turned 18, he gave Joshua a call to ask whether they might be hiring. Not only were they hiring, they were eager to help Jared launch into a new career.

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How to determine if a tree is dead?

Many times, accidents and property damage occur when a dead or diseased tree reaches a breaking point. Tree service companies are often called out to situations like this when damage has already been done.

What if you knew what to look for so that you could recognize a struggling tree and service it before damage occurs? Now, as we’re sure you’ve realized, if your tree still has ample leaves sprouting from its branches, it is still alive. Now is as good a time as any to give your tree a quick check-up.

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Introducing Lorene

When you call Sky High Tree Removal’s office, the first of our wonderful team you will meet is Lorene. Lorene is the Operations Officer for our team. She is responsible for answering the phone, scheduling, invoicing, reporting, contractor requests, execution and tracking of business goal achievements as planned, process adherence, documentation and creation. Though she has been working at Sky High Tree Removal for only 6 months, she has known Joshua and the team for many years.

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Introducing Joshua Wilke

Joshua Wilke has been growing Sky High Tree Removal for 14 years. Having opened in the Spring of 2005, a majority of his focus has been on getting jobs, doing jobs, and completing transactions. Joshua shows little hesitation when sharing his heart for his business and for the people he has been able to bless with its services.

Joshua has been climbing trees for a long time. He jokes about the many times he’s fallen out of trees and landed on his feet. It wasn’t long until the neighbors and people from school started to equate Joshua with the talented tree climber he is. Whether his buddies from school were asking for help to secure a rope swing or his neighbor was looking for a couple limbs trimmed, young Joshua fed on the excitement of climbing trees.

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4 Common Pruning Questions

Now that winter is in full swing, it is a great time to take care of any trimming and pruning needs your trees may have. Here is a list of questions and answers you may have regarding the pruning.

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