Sky High Tree Removal

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Meet Our Crew


Carter is our groundsman/climber in training. He is a highly motivated, ambitious, fun loving man who loves to WORK. He brings positive energy, dedication, and an eagerness to learn that really sets him apart. We are sure it won’t be long before he is leading a crew and climbing and cutting with the best of them.


Lisa is our Marketing Directer and does the vetting process for all our new employees. She loves to find the right people for our team and has a unique ability to find the gold in people. She and Joshua are married and have four beautiful daughters and desire to have even more children! Lisa holds the same dream of building people as her husband. She is passionate about helping people see their value and discover the goodness of God.

Joshua Wilke

When Joshua was a kid he bought his first set of climbing gear to build tree forts. One of his neighbors saw him climbing and told him he would pay him $20 to cut a limb from his tree. Joshua quickly saw that this limb job was more profitable than mowing lawns considering the time and effort that it took. By the age of 15 he purchased his first work truck, paying a buddy to drive for him since he wasn't old enough to have a driver's license. He was Licensed and bonded by the age of 19 beginning the journey of a young entrepreneur who more than a decade later would become successful businessman, CEO, and family man. He has built his business into a trusted brand with a five-star reputation in the community delivering quality service at a fair price. Joshua is a man of faith with a unique drive for excellence who cares for everything and everyone he comes in contact with. He has used his success to impact the lives of many - on and off the clock. He is a visionary with big dreams of helping people overcome challenges in life through providing opportunities and employment. He believes in the powerful potential of everyone and seeks to inspire others to discover what they are made of.


Jared is an expert climber, cutter, truck driver and equipment operator. He does some estimating as well as training our new guys. He is a man of integrity and quality professional with a solid work ethic. He has faithfully been with us for four years now and is a jack-of-all-trades for our company, and we are proud to have him on our team.


Stacy, our project administrator, oversees and performs the administrative office support for our team. Corresponding with customers and contractors, she’s responsible for answering the phone, scheduling appointments, reporting, developing procedures and invoicing clients.

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