Sky High Tree Removal

Commercial and Governmental Properties / Home owners and Condo Associations

There is often a tension between keeping the beauty of a tree and removing it before it causes a problem. Are there areas on the grounds where stumps and roots have cracked the concrete or foundation? Are trees hindering visibility or are they damaged or threatening vehicles, the surrounding property or roadways? Our affordable commercial tree service can partner with you to address these and other issues to keep the areas around buildings and parking lots orderly and beautiful year-round.

At Sky High Tree Removal we work with commercial and government property owners, HOA’s, condo complexes, property managers, and collaborate with landscape maintenance companies to maintain the beauty of the trees and at the same time to prune or remove damaged or overgrown trees that are encroaching on the buildings or disrupting the concrete walks or asphalt. Sky High Tree Removal can work with you to maintain the beauty and safety of your grounds. Call us today so we can schedule a free walk through to discuss helping you maintain your property.

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