Sky High Tree Removal

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Residential Clients

Sky High Tree Removal provides services to property owners such as removal of storm damaged trees, stump grinding, and general tree removal.

An Affordable Residential Tree Service

Every homeowner knows that an investment in a home transcends the four walls of their house onto every inch of the grounds of their property. And, since the value of that investment is largely determined by how well it has been managed, hiring the right tree care professionals to service the trees, hedges and other structures on your property is crucial in keeping your environment beautiful, healthy and high in value.

Tree Removals, Stump and Root Grinding and Extractions

Unfortunately, there are cases when trees must be extracted, such as when disease, rot, or death has occurred to the tree, or when older tree growth has encroached upon other trees, your home, carports, driveways or walkways. At other times, tree roots or stumps may cause driveways or walkways to lift or may prevent new driveways from being poured. In all of these cases, our professionals can remove trees, as well as grind and extract stumps and roots on your property. And, using our crane, we can even extract hard to reach trees without damaging nearby structures. Contact us for the best way to preserve your existing environment while handling tree removals and extractions.

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Residential Tree Removal