Sky High Tree Removal

Wood Chipping

With a variety of tool/machinery, we are well equipped for any job you need done.

  • Type three chipper is a 28in chipper that is designed for whole trees and large projects. We like to use this chipper for volume chipping as it is fed by an excavator. This is our machine for contractors, lot clearing, urban logging and any efforts to remove large plies of debris.
  • Type two chipper is a 17in chipper that could be fed by hand and excavator. This is the machine we use when we are in a neighborhood, back yard, or small commercial. This is more useful for places where things need to be carried out.
  • Type one chipper is a hand only, 13in chipper. Designed specially for pruning and maintenance type chipping, this is our go-to machine for these kinds of jobs.

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