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Demolition, Land and Lot Clearing

If you own or are developing a property and are preparing to build on it, you likely already know what land and lot clearing is. If you’re new to the property owning and developing world, here’s a quick lesson: Land/lot clearing is the process of preparing a piece of land for development. Below are some of the steps involved:
  1. Work with the local city or county to acquire the proper permits.
  2. Clear trees, roots, stumps, brush, and general vegetation from the property.
  3. Demolish all structures such as houses, shacks, sheds, cabins, or garages and then
  4. Level the land.
If you’re in need of land and lot clearing services, you’re in luck! We’re the right people for the job. We can perform steps 2 through 4 above. When we are clearing a lot, we can use either urban or general/rural logging styles, depending on what is needed for each lot. We use excavation equipment to dig stumps and roots to ensure that the land is properly cleared. We also can bring dumpsters on site to haul off any debris. Whether you’re a property owner, contractor, or governmental entity and you need our help to clear your land, give us a call at 253-797-3621!