Sky High Tree Removal

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Emergency Tree Removal

In sun, rain, or snow, we’re ready to go!

We offer 24 Hour emergency services to remove broken and damaged trees.

Whether the damage is caused by a storm, a damaged tree, or a rotted tree that has unexpectedly fallen over, we can take care of it! We have the personnel, trucks, and tarps ready to remove the fallen tree and cover any damaged structures so as to prevent further water damage from rain or snow.

In winter and spring, rain can saturate the soil and make trees unstable. Then, wind or heavy, wet snow can cause the trees to fall on your home, business, road, or sidewalk access. Trees don’t just fall during storms. They are at risk of falling even when you don’t expect it.

If very large trees are involved in emergency service projects, we employ a vertical lift using a crane. This is the best way to protect against additional damage to the property. Often times, any emergency tree removals involving downed trees on buildings require cranes to perform the removals. We work with knowledgeable riggers to remove the tree without always needing a crane, and without causing further damage.

At Sky High Tree Removal, we would prefer to remove the tree for you before it has fallen. However, if it’s already down, we are still the ones to call.

Our experienced team has the tools and knowledge to remove the tree without causing further damage. No matter where the tree has fallen on your property, call us at Sky High Tree Removal to safely and quickly remove it.

For emergency services, call 253-797-3621 now!