Sky High Tree Removal

Cutters for a Cause

Sky High Tree Removal will provide time and resources to trim, maintain, and remove trees and shrubs; clean a yard; and provide firewood for elderly people.

Please fill out our service request form to describe your need and how we may be able to serve you/your family.

Service Request

Our goal is to help 12 families a year.

Eligibility: Single parent or guardian homes, elderly people, widows, or disabled people.

Call Us 253.797.3621

Marian N. has known Joshua a long time. Recently Joshua and the team came by and removed 2 large redwoods (+105ft) from her front yard. In an interview, Marian could not stop raving about Sky High Tree Removal. She said the guys did “a very, very good job”, cleaned everything up and left her yard “beautiful”. When asked if she would recommend Joshua, she replied, “oh yes. I’ve already told several people. I recommend them to everybody. They were very pleasant, did a bang-up job and worked themselves to death.”

Recognizing Marian’s need, Sky High Tree Removal donated 2 cords of firewood. Because of their kindness, this sweet lady could keep warm in the snowy weather. Marian closed with this, “take care of Josh, he’ll take care of you”.