Sky High Tree Removal

Tree Maintenance

Sky High Tree Removal also offers tree maintenance services. In order to avoid property damage or the removal of a tree in the future, care must be given to ensure the health of any tree. Here at Sky High Tree Removal, we welcome the opportunity to provide these services. Tree care maintenance includes the following:


This helps reduce the resistance the tree has as the wind blows against it. We do this by cutting out cross branches and pulling out limbs selectively on the dominant side of the tree to balance it.


Cuts are made to one side of the tree while leaving the other side alone to make the tree look symmetrical.


This is when the bottom branches that are growing too low are removed. This is done for many reasons like ability to walk under the tree comfortable. This also helps get light into the yard to prevent moss and help grass grow.


Selected elements of the plant are cut. This could mean the buds, roots, and/or limbs. The goal is to establish shape and aesthetics, help reduce risks, and invigorate growth.

Hedge trimming

Whether we are trimming for an English garden look or a natural screen between houses, we can help you with this yearly garden maintenance need.


cuts are made to form a regular, desired outline of the whole tree. whether it be to shape it away from the house or other trees/plants, to make the yard flow together.

Dead wooding/Thinning

This refers to the removal of branches from within the tree. Most of the time, these limbs are already dead.


This means much like it sounds. It’s the removal of top parts of the tree.

View Enhancements

This is a form of pruning meant to beautify your property by bringing in more light or remove obstruction to the natural view. Simply, whatever is needed to make the view what is wanted.

Risk Assessment

Each tree poses a potential threat to property or people. Some trees pose a greater threat than others. This is where we will come in and determine how necessary it may be to remove the tree for the sake of safety.

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